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9/11: Moving from Conspiracy Theory to Developing Story

It is Wednesday, September 10, 2014 and like many of you perhaps, I am once again reflecting on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Remembering where I was and whom I was with as the news unfolded. It haunts me, as a story that does not rest. There remains a festering around this event in the American psyche that is relevant, and pressing.

Like all wounds to the psyche, individual or across populations, we must go back down into it, raise it to a conscious level and remove it so that we may move on. The key to healing and using the wisdom of pain in building happiness is the complete, thorough and infinite revelation of ‘truth’.World Trade Center

Before you sigh and say to yourselves, ‘oh great, another ‘Truther’, another slide into the rabid, foaming-mouth conspiracy theory..ho hum..not credible..but perhaps I will be entertained so I will read on….’ Let me gently point out that there comes a point in time when what was correctly defined ‘conspiracy theory’ ceases to be such and becomes in journalistic terms a ‘developing story’. With regards to the cause and responsible perpetrators of 9/11, that time arrived in July of 2009.

But first, in order to conquer evil, we must have the courage to fathom it.  And until we muster this courage, evil at the societal level is often cloaked as ‘conspiracy theory’…a convenient tool to preserve our very sanity. By definition, a conspiracy theory is a belief that some  influential organization, acting covertly, is responsible for an unexplained event. The term is often used dismissively in an attempt to characterize a belief as outlandishly false and held by a person judged to be less than credible or a group confined to the outer edges of political culture.

Likewise, by labeling an act of horror a ‘conspiracy theory’ we give ourselves permission to remain in the comfort of denial. We give ourselves permission to look the other way. The role of denial in protecting the psyche of the individual from trauma, the acknowledgment of which has the potential to overwhelm and literally destroy the organism, is understandable. This phenomenon of denial is prolific in mass psychology just as it is in individual psychology.  A temporary state of denial serves an invaluable purpose: it prolongs the recognition of truth by our minds long enough for our hearts to prepare for change.  A permanent state of denial however destroys any prospect of true happiness by denying us the wisdom of failure.

Until we could as a species fathom 6 million incinerated in the Holocaust, it remained in the realm of  ‘conspiracy theory’. Until we could fathom the twists and turns of Iran-Contra, it remained in the realm of  ‘conspiracy theory’. Classifying horror as ‘conspiracy theory’ renders it easy for us to dismiss what we simply cannot stomach, nor have the courage to face. At least for the time being.

Those who stand to be harmed by truth work diligently to get the crime labeled ‘conspiracy theory’ in mainstream media with its current culture of nano-second citizen journalism. Once the mantle is on it, most mainstream media 9 to 5’ers will not touch it. It is the nature of 89% of the population to gravitate toward conformity, linking such to survival. To leave the herd means certain death so one must constantly fold back into the boundaries set by the herd as acceptable. To step out and risk being associated with ‘fringe’ or ‘radical’ or whatever, is not going to happen.

I burden you with this elementary lesson in instinct simply because it operates x100 when you are employed in media, particularly in these times of an instant global access by millions to ones words. It is up to the other 11% of us to walk into dark waters knowing damn well we may walk alone for a while.

What differentiates a conspiracy theory from a developing story?  Simple: conspiracy theories are seldom supported by any conclusive evidence. They are rarely supported by facts and often are sustained via conjecture, fear and false assumption in a prejudicial manner. A ‘developing story’ is characterized by a root fact or set of facts, empirically known and easily expanded through accepted investigative practices.

Sibel Edmonds With the removal of the gag order previously placed on Sibel Edmonds, winner of the 2006 Pen Award, by the Department of Justice in July of 2009, certain facts became public regarding the possible involvement of entities in our own government in the murder of 3000 US citizens on U.S. soil.

With the removal of this gag order, a removal quietly allowed by the Obama administration, the facts surrounding the events of September 11, 2001 no longer met the definition of ‘conspiracy theory’ but rather became, in journalistic terms, a ‘developing story’. This critical turning point is poised to change history forever. But Sibel was just the beginning of a slow tide of emerging FACTS around the events of 9/11. In addition, after 13 years, we now have extensive research and analysis of the subject by scholars, architects, engineers, etc. all of which exists in the public realm as a body of empirical evidence.

With this ever growing revelation of facts surrounding 9/11, led most publicly by Dr. Judy Wood, it is now entirely legitimate and morally obligatory for mainstream media to boldly do their job by relentlessly ferreting out the truth so that we may all gently lift the protective cloak of denial, bring truth into our collective consciousness and finally obtain moral justice for ourselves, our lost loved ones and our country.

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