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Scattercat ‘Matilda’ June 14, 2000-May 14, 2015

For anyone who has ever known the joy of sharing life with a Jack…


Scattercat Matilda, affectionately known as Hattie, passed peacefully this morning, her gutted stuffed squirrel, sans squeaky, snuggled at her side. Daughter of Hardwood Ellis of Scattercat (US) and Natural Instinct Spike (Canada), Hattie was the result of a clandestine meeting at a doggie bordello well up the Bruce Peninsula followed by a midnight run back across the border.

The rare silky Jack spent her younger days summering in Leland, Michigan where she shadowed her mother, the legendary Ellie, who trained her final pup in the ways of wood, water, horses and humans. HattieThe woodpile served as training camp in the art of the chipmunk hunt. The ins and outs of nabbing hoof shreds from beneath the blacksmith’s forge, extending the lifespan of a tennis ball post puncture, the scent of rancid scat in need of a canine rolling pin filled her curriculum. Mastering the art of cornering a full-grown porcupine eluded her however, quill removal a task she dreaded.

Her later years were spent traveling extensively with her human and her horses. Keener than a GPS, Hattie rode shotgun seasonally in the dually, navigating the interstates and standing guard over the horses at several truck stops in the wee hours of many a 24 hour run. Hattie was known in several prestigious equestrian establishments stretching from Gladstone to DCI and was always welcomed graciously, except when she peed in the tack rooms or attached herself to the host canine, teeth first. Often seen in Hitchcock Woods, Hattie established a solid fan base in Aiken as well as Ocala, Wellington, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Celina and her beloved Leelanau. Horse and woodland savvy, she managed to avoid hoof, talon, tire and coyote her entire 15 years, beating the odds.

Hattie’s mother Ellie (out Hardwood Cracker) preceded her in death beneath the wheels of a vehicle in the tundra’s of Ohio, being one-eyed and legally deaf after her aunt’s German Shepherd had a go at her skull. She took it in stride and woofed on for 6 more years, a big-hearted bitch if ever there was one.

Scattercat Matilda is survived by her sister Scattercat Grace aka ‘Gracie’, currently enjoying retirement in Dunedin, Florida after living life betwixt and between Greenwich Village, Catherineburg U.S.V.I, Detroit, Vancouver, etc. etc., her feline sister Tullulabell, currently in residence on Old Mission and various half siblings, most notably ’Rosie’, who enjoyed a spectacular career in the center ring of Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey as circus dog extraordinaire.

Hattie is no doubt now with Ellie at waters edge on the shores of Good Harbor Bay, the beach imprinted forevermore by the paws of both, bolting in tandem, chasing the gulls above in the warmth of the Leelanau sun.

Please give generously to the Jack Russell Rescue of your choosing, or better yet, give one of the little terrier-ists a loving home, as best you can.


2 comments on “Scattercat ‘Matilda’ June 14, 2000-May 14, 2015

  1. Elaine Walker
    May 15, 2015

    So sorry to read that Hattie is gone. She will be missed but certainly not forgotten! Take care Nancy. We miss you, Paleo and Tuck. Love, Elaine, Perry, Sarah and Lillianna

  2. NK
    May 15, 2015

    Thank you Elaine- my best to you all, N

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