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50 Years ‘In The Tack’

First ride.

Today marks not only a birthday, it marks 50 years in the tack. By the grace of God, I remain present and able to pull my boots up for another ride. Ode to the Saints and silence. Ode to the company of great trees, good ink, westerly winds and fine horseflesh. Here are my top twenty takeaways from the decades:

  1. If there isn’t a killing frost, don’t live there, just visit.
  2. Gallop full on at least once a day. Clears the mind, and the horse.
  3. It doesn’t take money to ride great horses, it takes talent. Invest in yourself, go toward the work, not away, and the horses will come.
  4. Gravel roads are made for a dually, with the windows down and the radio up.
  5. Your gyno will never believe they are saddle sores. Ever.
  6. You own the farm? You feed and muck on Christmas.
  7. The business runs on word of mouth. Shut up or build up, never tear down.
  8. If the eye is focused inwards, refuse the ride, pain is present and it may not be physical.
  9. Never, ever, ever, ever drive a late-model truck. Lawyers notice.
  10. Every horse comes with a pearl of wisdom for you. Tack ’em up, figure out what it is and be grateful.Gladstone
  11. Clean tack honors the horse, the art, and your fellow horsemen. Do it.
  12. Two Starbucks buys 50 lbs of oats for a horse that needs it. Think about it.
  13. Great training cannot correct poor breeding. Get your ingredients in order first.
  14. If it looks like a snake, talks like a snake, moves like a snake…it is a rat in a snake costume. Walk away, and for god’s sake do not let it in the barn.
  15. No one will ever understand you better than your fellow horsemen. Take solace.
  16. Be the first to watch them walk out of the stall each day, the last to check the latch.
  17. If it has four legs, believe everything it tells you. Two? Question everything it tells you.
  18. Mother nature has been practicing the art of healing for eternity. Western medicine, two centuries. Trust her, she invented miracles.
  19. The horses will tell you when you have made it. Not the judges, nor the checkbook.
  20. When the tide is out, stay close, the horses will carry you – every time.Play 2

© 2017 Nancy Kotting  All rights reserved  Reproduction by permission only

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