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Michigan is better than this….

At the invitation of the Michigan Historic Preservation Network, our statewide advocacy organization, I prepared the following three-minute statement as one invited to provide testimony to the Local Government Committee … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the Michigan Legislature

HB 5232 and SB 720 are, at their essence, a selfish slap in the face to generations of Michigan citizens, both past and future, bills that are threatening to deprive each and every one of us of an economically stable future. These bills, unlike PA 169 at it’s birth, emerge in response to no crisis at all, NONE.

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Does Our History Matter to the GOP?

HB 5232 is an irresponsible attempt to remove such protections, politicize a process currently codified, and induce, over time, the erosion of a legacy held dear by the citizens of Michigan, under the fashionable and deceptively used GOP battle cry “property rights’.

February 1, 2016 · 1 Comment

HB 5232: A Detroit Demolition, or Not?

If enacted, HB 5232 eliminates our greatest tool in halting impending demolition in the 11th hour. Here is the kicker, and why I believe Afendoulis is jamming this legislation through: relevant to the proposed Cass Park District which threatens Ilitch’s right to demo the aforementioned three buildings, under HB 5232, creating the new Cass Park Historic District would require not only enactment by the City Council but a majority approval by vote in the next public election, a delay that would afford the Ilitch demolition team plenty of time.

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Ordinary to Extraordinary: The Life of a Leelanau Farmer

“I never knew how thin the line between a man and his land could be until I met Rex. I had followed him many a time as he walked his fields or contemplated the rows in his gardens and every time I had found myself mesmerized at the sheer breadth of his peaceful empathy for all that surrounded him, and it almost appeared at times to be returned in-kind by both animal and plant.”


Tyson Fury: The One-Two Punch Of Race And Faith

Dislike him, hate him, ridicule him… whatever means of response you might have, no matter how harsh you think it might be, rest assured he does not care in the least for there is nothing Tyson Fury, his family, his extended family, his fellow Roma, his fellow Catholics have not endured for centuries. Nothing.

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Is Tyson Fury Poised To Become The Muhammad Ali Of Our Era?

Just as Ali navigated his place in history and changed the public perception of black athletes forever, so to might Tyson Fury change the public perception of Romani and Orthodox Catholicism. While Ali has lived to see the struggle for racial equality mature, for Tyson Fury and his fellow Romani, the world remains a hostile environment, filled with seemingly insurmountable hate and relentless prejudice.

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Tien Goede Gewoonten Van Succesvolle Ruiters door Nancy Kotting

© 2015 Nancy Kotting Alle Rechten Voorbehouden Reproductie Met Toestemming Alleen Door de vele paarden, die topruiters in de loop der jaren rijden, ontwikkelen zij gewoonten die ervoor zorgen dat … Continue reading

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