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Does Our History Matter to the GOP?

HB 5232 is an irresponsible attempt to remove such protections, politicize a process currently codified, and induce, over time, the erosion of a legacy held dear by the citizens of Michigan, under the fashionable and deceptively used GOP battle cry “property rights’.

February 1, 2016 · 1 Comment

Ordinary to Extraordinary: The Life of a Leelanau Farmer

“I never knew how thin the line between a man and his land could be until I met Rex. I had followed him many a time as he walked his fields or contemplated the rows in his gardens and every time I had found myself mesmerized at the sheer breadth of his peaceful empathy for all that surrounded him, and it almost appeared at times to be returned in-kind by both animal and plant.”

January 23, 2016


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